'' M1 - the right one for youth'': Unemployment in strict focus of our policies!


M1 - The Right One For Youth emerged as a political response to the complete neglect of government institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the youth. Aforementioned negligence has caused a very difficult economic, social and social status of, for the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most important population category.

Young people are not on the priority list of the current policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are unemployed, socially unprotected and with no significant budget foreseen for them. Young people are not listed as a significant and noticeable factor in the political parties during the election campaigns of previous election cycles. Neither the general public does not notice the youth as an important political factor. Obviously, youth are not seen as the primary electorate body, although numbering more than 610,000 of eligible votes and their turnout in elections higher than the general turnout.

M1 does not put young people on its priority list. Young people are the ONLY priority of M1, and their unemployment rate strict focus of its policies. Our policies and programs have been prepared based on carefully researched problems and needs of young people. M1 does not impose an arbitrary solutions of difficult position of youth, M1 offers answers to problems that are defined by young people. We listened them.

M1 - will not engage in (primarily) the constitutional changes, the implementation of the Sejdic - Finci case, restructuring of FBiH , RS and its status - no similar issues that flooded bh political scene and which are largely abstract for young people.

M1 will present its policy as a specific discipline, whose implementation will bring immediate benefit to the young people in their everyday lives . Areas of primary political interests M1 are: youth employment, education , youth participation in social and political life , health care, social welfare, information and mobility of youth and culture and sports .

Programs, with very specific and enforceable measures created for each of these areas, are already available on the website www.pravazamlade.com . We claim that no other party in BiH is in possession of any better, more oriented towards youth and youth useful solutions programs. Do not trust us, check yourself!

We have carefully chosen M1 members. All members of the Presidency of the M1 are young people. M1 programs creation would be inconceivable without the active participation and contribution of young people in M1 working group. They are hardworking and educated, socially responsible, without corruption scandals , unblemished career. Their value stands not only in their diplomas but their work and the results they achieved. M1 will not misuse its youth for field work in election campaigns, for pasting posters and distribution of advertising materials. Young people are actively involved into politics of M1 .

M1 - The Right One For Youth is open to all who want a better, not tomorrow but today, for young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of religion and nationality, ideological belief, age and political / partisan commitment. Join the M1, it’s free and you can join regardless of membership in another political organisation.


1. Employment, M1

2. Education, M1

3. Participation, M1

4. Social care, M1

5. Health care, M1

6. Information and mobility, M1

7. Sport and Culture, M1



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M1 - Prava za mlade je inicijativa Instituta za razvoj mladih KULT